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a cookbook cover for the book colombia by marina velasquez, featuring food and drinks
Arepa De Choclo (Sweet Corn Arepas) - Women of Today
Arepa De Choclo (Sweet Corn Arepas) | Women of Today
a woman wearing a pink shirt with green beads on her neck and hands behind her head
Global Young Designer Spotlight: LRNCE | SUITCASE Magazine
a woman in an apron is holding a can of food and a spoon with oil on it
Ruby Tandoh’s best bakes | Ruby Tandoh
Ruby Tandoh selects a handy compendium of her tastiest and most popular baking recipes from the past year
a man wearing glasses and a black shirt has a tattoo on his left arm that reads no more bodies
Massimo Bottura and his global movement to feed the hungry
a person holding up a bunch of radishes with writing on their arm and wrist
Gluten-free Beetroot Cake with Date Sugar & a Trip to the Lake
Gluten-free Beetroot Cake with Date Sugar & a Trip to the Lake - Our Food Stories
a man holding up a large pumpkin in front of his face
Customer 2
three men in blue aprons are standing on steps
Ambitious Young Chefs in Bordeaux Who Are Reinventing the Restaurant Scene — FOOD & WINE
a chef sprinkling sugar on some bread
a woman holding a knife in her right hand and looking off to the side while standing next to a building
C. Davis | Cooking photography, Chef pictures, Photography
a woman holding a basket full of vegetables
Melissa Hemsley's Favourite Summer Recipes
Personal Branding Photography // Elizabeth Ellery #personalbranding #branding #photography #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #elizabethellery
a man holding stacks of coffee cups in his hands
Yard cups / uniform
a man with tattoos on his arms and hands holding sand in front of his face
Confraria GQ: Henrique Fogaça ensina receita especial para almoço de Dia dos Pais
Henrique Fogaça vai ensinar receita para membros da Confraria GQ no próximo sábado (6) (Foto: Rodrigo Marques) (Foto: Rodrigo Marques) O Dia dos Pais está chegando - e nada melhor do que aprender novos dotes culinários com um dos chefs mais celebrados da gastronomia brasileira. No próximo sábado (6), às 13h, Henrique Fogaça comanda um 100% evento online e exclusivo para membros da Confraria GQ, diretamente da cozinha do O
a woman's legs with pink socks and oranges in front of her feet
a woman with an orange on her neck sitting in front of a blue sky and clouds
fashionotography - Inspirational Platform Focusing on Best Works from Fashion