High Speed Rail

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Two Times the Train

Tvillingar is a literal twist on the metro train that flips the archetypical station and maglev halfway upside down! Unlike classic designs where the cars sit

Japan Railways (JR) Series 500EMU at Odawara city Kanagawa pref,, Japan by K7

High quality photograph of Japan Railways (JR) Series 500EMU # at Odawara city Kanagawa pref,, Japan.


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9004 Deutsche Bahn AG ICE 4 at Lavorgo, Switzerland by Georg Tr�b

High quality photograph of Deutsche Bahn AG ICE 4 # 9004 at Lavorgo, Switzerland.

4810 Trenitalia V250 / ETR.700 at Anzola dell'Emilia, Italy by Beppe

High quality photograph of Trenitalia V250 / ETR.700 # 4810 at Anzola dell'Emilia, Italy.

Smart railway in China to serve 2022 Olympic cities

Global Times reported that China will complete testing next year of a "smart" high-speed train that will run on a new line linking Beijing and Zhangjiakou, co-hosts of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

China Unveils Maglev Bullet Train Prototype That Can Hit 373MPH

The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) has built a prototype maglev train that can hit a staggering 373mph. How does this type of train work? Permanent and electro-magnets work together to create a current on the rail that enables the train to glide along at high-speeds on a small cushio

502 006 SBB RABDe 502 at Lyssach, Switzerland by Fritz Sommer

High quality photograph of SBB RABDe 502 # 502 006 at Lyssach, Switzerland.

Aurora high-speed train, project by Henning Rekdal Nielsen - Ego - AlterEgo

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Concept. The Oslo school of Architecture and Design. Winter 2009. Nominated for three awards at the AHO Works What is Aurora? Aurora is a new high speed train operator in Norway. Meeting the needs of businesstravellers, and …

Ferrovie: accordo Regione Toscana e ministero per un progetto con Hitachi Rail

Il ministro per lo sviluppo economico e il presidente della Regione Toscana hanno sottoscritto una importante intesta per un progetto di Ricerca e Sviluppo con Hitachi Rail Italy. {loadposition spot3} Per lo stabilimento di Pistoia si tratta di investimenti in ricerca e sviluppo nel triennio ...

china unveils floating maglev bullet train with speeds of 600km per hour

china has unveiled a prototype for a high-speed magnetic-levitation bullet train capable of hitting speeds of 600km per hour.

Stadler to supply double-deck EMUs to Azerbaijan

AZERBAIJAN: An agreement for the supply of five Kiss double-deck electric multiple-units was signed by Stadler Rail CEO Peter Spuhler and Javid Gurbanov, Chairman of national railway ADY, at the TransCaspian 2015 trade fair in Baku on May 13.

373 015 Eurostar e300 at Kent, United Kingdom by Brian Stephenson

High quality photograph of Eurostar e300 # 373 015 at Kent, United Kingdom.

3020 Eurostar Class 373 Eurostar. at London., United Kingdom by Mick Barstow

High quality photograph of Eurostar Class 373 Eurostar. # 3020 at London., United Kingdom.

Bombardier Transportation to provide SNCF eight Regio 2N double deck electric multiple units for Midi Pyrénées in France

Latest order is part of a Regio 2N contract signed in 2010 with French National Railway Company (SNCF) on behalf of the French Regions To date ten French R