Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada, Colombia

(ancient helipads) The pre-Columbian archaeological site of Ciudad Perdida (Spanish for “Lost City”), located in Sierra Nevada, Colombia, thought to be founded about 800 AD. Photo courtesy taken by Raphael Chay

Ciudad Perdida, Santa Marta, Colombia

Ciudad Perdida, Santa Marta, Colombia my pretty Colombia 💛💛💙❤️

Cabo De La Vela, La Guajira, Colombia

Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira, Colombia — by Hipermovil

Cabo de la Vela remains off the beaten path for foreign travellers visiting Colombia. This desert by the sea is located in La Guajira,.

Lost City Trek - Colombia

Never stop adventuring, real big adventures into the lost ancient worlds of Mystics and cosmic truth, nature and wisdom.

Lost City - Santa Marta, Colombia

This is called Ciudad perdida (Lost City) it is near Santa Marta Colombia. You can hike there. or, more safely, take a chopper. Beautiful and breathtaking