I'm always wearing Adidas, and has to match.loathe when people wear different brands together!


I love this ad for Adidas for women. All of the Adidas products are bundled into the shape of the logo. This ad is really eye catching and I had a good time really looking at it and picking out all of the products.

New Coleccion

"Adidas New Fall Collection" Logo' I love that the Adidas logo for fall. It is a creative and new take on an iconic logo.

Ellas, Ellos

Seduction MKT: The first thing she notice. Are you shoes - ADIDAS It’s interesting that adidas have slashed their sports marketing budget in favour of more urban street ad’s


Adidas Gala Celebrate Originality I've always wanted to create something for Adidas, one of the most recognizable brands on the planet.


This reminds people of food, in particular bananas and at the same time reminds people of Adidas shoes of yellow color. Meaning the shoes are as tasty as bananas.