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Nail Art : Newspaper Nails Put on nail polish and let dry. Dip fingernail in rubbing alcohol. Press a strip of newspaper big enough to cover the whole nail on to your alcohol soaked nail. Pull off slowly Paint top coat

Do I like this?  A trend that is on the rise is painting one nail different from the others, a.k.a an accent nail. It can be a different color, feature a special design, be sparkly, the sky is the limit! The nail of choice is usually the ring finger (lightbulb!)

Weddbook ♥ Nail designs for brides with silver plaited finger nail ring. Gorgeous wedding nail art and design ideas. You can use nail Jewelry for your wedding day silver gift

pink creme nail polish silver glitter accent nail Pretty nails + Starbucks in hand.


Lady Bug Toe Nails - so cute! I'd just do the second toe ladybug with all black toes

Panda manicure (Kawaii)

Looking for panda nail art designs? Check out these 10 great ideas for a little inspiration!


Solid charcoal, gray nails and white nails with small charcoal, gray polkadots and small pink heart and big charcoal, grey polka dots with a bigger pink heart.

St. Patrick's Day

From Shamrocks to Pots of Gold: The Best St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Around

Colorful tribal print nails

Colorful tribal print nails

whoa! no way!

These candy coated nails created by VampyVarnish are sooo much fun and would be the perfect look for a birthday party.