Colombia: The Coffee Park~~~~The park is located in coffee Montenegro (Quindio), has many gardens, a roller coaster with more attractions for children, and those who like to know the Nature of coffee, with a guide showing the route of manufacture there is also a cable car, (see Pic) and it is certainly a good idea for families who like to share the outdoors.

Colombia: The Coffee Park. The park is located in coffee Montenegro (Quindio), has many gardens, a roller coaster, cable car.

Antioqiua, Colombia.  For tours of the area, check here:

'La Piedra de Guatapé' (The Rock of Guatapé), Antioquia, Colombia .photo from a different angle than most that I've seen, but no photographer is listed.

Beautiful colonial streets of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Beautiful colonial streets of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia - This would be a beautiful place to visit. Interesting food and genuinely nice natives, but there is always a sense of insecurity in a developing nation.

Punta Gallinas, Guajira Colombia #Colombia #travel

Colombia is not just one big jungle: Visit the amazing desert at Punta Gallinas, Guajira Colombia

Carnaval de Barranquilla

They like to have the colombian carnival, this was introduced by spaniards.

Barranquilla, Colombia

Cumbia dancers at Barranquilla Carnaval in Colombia. Barranquilla's Carnival is Colombia's most important folklore celebration, one of the biggest carnivals in the world. The carnival has traditions that date back to the century.

Cano Cristales River, Northern Colombia - "The River of Five Colors" or "The Liquid Rainbow", and is even referred to as the most beautiful river in the world due to its striking colors. The river appears as many colors, including as yellow, green, blue, black, and most of all, the red of the Macarenia clavigera (Podostemaceae) at the bottom of the river.

"Rainbow River" Float in the River of Seven Colors (Cano Cristales) in Colombia /Caño Cristales, Colombia. Algae blooms give this river up to 7 colors

Cartagena, Colombia

Door with Fish Door Knocker (or Aldaba) in Old Town, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Cartagena has the world's largest collection original knockers. The knockers are usually bronze, and in medieval times they indicated social status and wealth.

Valley De Cocora, Colombia

This piece of scenery in California is very aesthetically pleasing as well as being a good example of line (the trees), overlapping, distance, and texture. It also has a distinct viewpoint.

Granadilla Venecia Colombia

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