Curly Hair Problems

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"You want hair like mine?"  "YES! How do you do yours? It must take forever with a curling iron!"  "I brush it." Curly Girl Problems, 99 Problems, Natural Hair Problems, Mixed Girl Problems, Curly Hair Styles, Natural Hair Styles, Naturally Curly, Hair Makeup, Hair Beauty


This is funny. People ask me a lot if I curl my hair.But I like having curly hair, it's just when it's FRIZZY and TANGLED.

:) in the locker rooms after gym, every dayy this is what happens to me... Straight Hair Problems, Curly Girl Problems, Curly Hair Jokes, Hairbrush, Brushes, Perm, Natural Hair Styles, Curly Hair Styles, Hair Issues

Curly Hair Problems

Gonna try to do this for soccer & lacrosse(: Ponytail Bun, Ponytail Ideas, Ponytail Tutorial, Cheer Ponytail, Braids Tutorial Easy, Messy Bun, French Braid Ponytail, Stylish Ponytail, Fancy Ponytail

15 Simple and Easy Hairstyles With Useful Tutorials

Love this up-side-down french braid ponytail. I wear it to yoga all the time. Finish with a messy bun for extra fun!