The Marauders :(

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Detention scene McGonagall:Why were you late? James:Im gonna hand it over to remus. Sirius:Because judging by your face you won’t like the dance we prepared for you

That last one though... Ginny wasn't so bad in the movie. Not Bella-level bad. Her part was just too small to really do anything with. Really, how many lines was she even given?? Harry Potter Pin, Harry Potter Universal, Harry Potter Memes, Yer A Wizard Harry, How To Calm Nerves, Goblet Of Fire, Fantastic Beasts, Hogwarts, Fandoms

The Marauder's Map is never explained. Anything brainy said or done by either Harry or Ron (like Harry coming up with using the dragon as an escape plan) is automatically Hermione's idea. Whatever happend to Charlie Weasley and Winky the House Elf?

IM PINNING THIS AGAIN BC I KUST REALIZED: the brightest star in our sky is called Sirius. Ok carry on Harry Potter Jokes, Harry Potter World, Harry Potter Imagines, Harry Potter Sirius, Harry Potter Feels, Cute Harry Potter, James Potter, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry Potter Universal

Someone give me an AU where Sirius regularly 'kidnapped' Harry to spend time with him like this. then became his father when James & Lily were killed. I NEED FLUFF. SOMEONE GIVE ME FLUFF! <---- more Sirius fluff.

or he just stays a stag so she will pet him all the time and becomes her "little friend" and she never knows Harry Potter Marauders, The Marauders, Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry Potter Universal, Harry Potter World, Lily Potter, James Potter, Yer A Wizard Harry

I love Lily causing James physical harm.I'm not entirely sure why, but I feel like he deserved it most of the time.