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I love to lay on the grass and watch the clouds go by! Then I do it again for the stars at night. ❤️☀️

Exotic pets 552042866807523001 - Squirrel by Jim Cumming Source by issyteam Animals And Pets, Baby Animals, Cute Animals, Wild Animals, Forest Animals, Woodland Animals, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Cute Squirrel

*SquirrelLeap meowed* Patrol! I want RabbitWind to lead a patrol with WhiteStrike, TawnyShade, and IceFire.

Squirrel / Sincap, he/she is laughing at us! Animals And Pets, Baby Animals, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Wild Animals, Funny Cats, Cute Creatures, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful

Different Types of Squirrels - Animal Facts Blog

Types of Squirrels – Tree squirrels are the participants of the squirrel household (Sciuridae) generally simply described as “squirrels”. They consist of over a hundred arboreal varieties belonging to all continents other than Antarctica and also Australia. The squirrels do not create a solitary all-natural, or monophyletic team; they belong to others in the squirrel family …