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Spanish Dancer (Hexabranchus Sanguineus) -The largest of the nudibranchs is the Spanish dancer—so called because when it swims, the undulating movements of its flattened body are reminiscent of a flamenco dancer. Adults are brightly but variably colored, generally in shades of red, pink, or orange, sometimes mixed with white or yellow. More Medusa, Beautiful Sea Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Beautiful Images, Vie Marine, Marine Life, Ocean Creatures, Underwater Creatures, Weird Sea Creatures

The "Spanish Dancer Jellyfish" was created by underwater photographer and fractal artist Francis Le Guen, who manipulated an image of a "Spanish Dancer" sea slug in order to create this image.

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11 Unbelievable Bodies Of Water

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"Jellyfish" - these are (?) computer generated images by Francis le Guen. He is a diver &amp; photographer with an interest in fractals. Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures, Strange Creatures, Beautiful Sea Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Image Mer, Beautiful Ocean, Life Under The Sea

Beyond my wildest imagination, here are some of the incredible creatures that can be found under the sea. These sea creatures come in a stunning variety of

Crinoid by Robert Rath Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures, Strange Sea Creatures, Underwater Plants, Underwater Animals, Beautiful Sea Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Feather Starfish

Natures Doorways

Feather starfish is another sea creature unique and cleverly designed. Ringed pipefish are distributed widely through the Red Sea, the Indo-Pacific, Australia

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Genova: in mostra le migliori foto di scienza

Unique creatures that inhabit the seabed - Cathie Vale - - Créatures uniques qui habitent le fond marin seabed, amazing turquoise jellyfish

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Free ride

small crab on red eyed medusa jellyfish. Looks like a jellyfish with a crown.(like in tht one episode of Spongebob.

Jellyfish - use thread painting, transparent overlays, tulle - and multiple jellyfish. Creative Thinking, Gears, Glow, Car Girls, Architecture, Style, Nature, Photography, Girl Fashion

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Jellyfish Chicago 2011 Shedd Aquarium

Jelly fish are strange, with 90% of their body water they don't have a brain | Prettiest one I've Seen Vie Marine, Marine Life, Underwater Life, Underwater Creatures, Ocean Creatures, Pink Jellyfish, Jellyfish Images, Jellyfish Aquarium, Things That Are Pink

Jellyfish are strange, with of their body water they don't have a brain, all jelly fish have a squishy hemisphere for a head and deadly stingers that are directly below the head. The stingers kill fish, some jelly fish can kill or wound a human.

Drymonema catches sea nettles in South Africa.    by Geo Cloete. Octopus, Octopuses, Calamari

Octopus, Octopuses, Calamari

I want to see this in my next scuba diving trip.  Photo by Russian biologist Alexander Semenov Ocean Life, Colorful Jellyfish, Jellyfish Facts, Jellyfish Species, Blue Jellyfish, Underwater Animals, Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures

Rare Jellyfish Photography Captured Underwater -

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs by Alexander Semenov Alexander Semenov is a Russian biologist graduated in 2007 from Moscow State University’s zoology department where he studied.

Deep Sea Creature by SDFlip, via Flickr Weird Creatures, Deep Sea Creatures, Ocean Deep, Deep Blue Sea, Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Underwater Flowers, Wesen, Beneath The Sea

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