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“" 夜空 "の色を いつまでも眺めていたくて、 少年はこの小さな世界に " それ "を閉じ込めた。 プレシャス・ブルーの砂時計✨ #レジン好きな方と繋がりたい #キラキラ好きな人と繋がりたい #青色好きな人と繋がりたい #10_crown_”

60 Minute Hourglass - Glass Sand Timer with Aged Victorian Frame: Antique Items, Vintage Items, Antique Furniture, Painted Furniture, Sand Timers, Retro Stil, Deco Design, Vintage Love, Vintage Antiques

What To Know Before Painting Furniture Without Sanding

What To Know Before Painting Furniture Without Sanding Click here to download...

Antique hourglasses make an excellent wizard prop for bookshelves, desks, sideta… – TREN TOPIC Hourglass Sand Timer, Sand Timers, Sistema Solar, How To Antique Wood, Victorian Era, Instruments, Old Things, Brass, Inspiration

Hourglass; Brass, Glass, Wood, 20-Minute, 15 inch.

Hourglass; Brass, Glass, Wood, 20-Minute, 15 inch. Year: 1840 - 1860

Timeless, a conceptual time-piece by CTRLZAK for Secondome Gallery sablier Kitchen Timer, Sand Timers, Grey Home Decor, Milan Design, Vintage Design, Interior Accessories, Desk Accessories, My New Room, Decorative Objects

Timeless | Secondome | Design

Sand clocks were among the first instruments that man devised to visually perceive and measure time. CTRLZAK’s TIMELESS project utilises the properties of traditional materials in reviewing this nearly forgotten object. Inside the glass vial though instead of sand are found refined iron fillings that trickle from one compartment to the other, revealing the passage of time not only through their movement but also through the creation of a small spatial crystalline structure. Info Dimensions…