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charles bukowski quote on the subject of this image is an old photo
Mente y equilibrio
a forest filled with trees and leaves in the middle of it is an image that says,
a quote from jereme ford on the subject of her novel, she's not crazy, she's not bipllar, you're just experiencing the
the words are written in spanish and english
a piece of paper with the words'adminiables los que se doblan, perro no se rompen '
a black and white photo with the words, my side of the story doesn't matter
a quote on the side of a wall that says, los poetass tenen el
an old man reading a book in front of bookshelves with spanish words on it
the words in spanish are written on watercolor paper with balloons floating from them,
an image of a quote from gusto cerati
an image of two people riding horses in front of a sunset with the words laon sancho senal que cabalagamos