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the grass is covered in snow and has been cut off
Organic Straw Bale Garden Conditioning Recipe
4 the Love of Family: straw bale gardening - good tips, plus recipes for organic fertilizer mixes.
a garden with the words planning in straw bales, everything you need to know for a better garden
Planting in Straw Bales: Everything you Need to Know for a Better Garden
Straw bale gardening (sometimes called hay bale gardening) is a gardening method that uses straw bales as the basic structure of your vegetable garden. Like raised bed gardening, planting in straw bales has the benefit of raising your garden bed to a workable height, giving you control over the soil in your vegetable garden, and helping you manage weeds and drainage.
the cover of how to make a straw bale garden by alex jada edu
How to make a straw bale garden
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