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Discover 10 gorgeous trees that will turn your yard into a springtime flower show.
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Container Garden: 7 Tips to Growing Citrus Fruit Indoors | Reclaim, Grow, Sustain

Trees-Fruits Citrus

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25 Eye-Catching DIY Trellis Ideas For Your Garden - The ART in LIFE
Screen with your porch with vines for privacy, or let them hide an unwanted view or add romance to an arbor. The right vine makes any garden special.


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The idea for this tiered succulent planter came to me while I was making our cute concrete planters shaped like cupcakes. It’s simple to make using a cake stand rod set, and plastic pot saucers sprayed to look like stone. Eventually, I think I’ll end up with a full afternoon tea display made from colourful succulents.   What you need to make our tiered succulent planters  Cake Stand Rods (Amazon)Plastic Plant Pot Saucers, each one a different sizeStone effect spray paintEnamel effect S…
Add water-wise pizzazz to your porch, patio or garden with these container designs for hot- and cold-hardy succulents.


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Stage your own fall color show with spectacular hanging baskets overflowing with plants that thrive in the season’s cooler weather.
27 fabulous ideas for using mums indoors and out.
Kick off the cool weather by filling containers and planting beds with colorful pansies.


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Our back garden was in dire need of a similar amount of attention to what the house has received recently, so this is a little story about how I set about creating a patio area that was fitting of the house; enjoy.   This is how things started out - essentially a dumping ground!It was a mixture of turf, hardcore and concrete (with a semi destroyed brick BBQ area!)   And this was the plan....Oh yeah, and the idea was to do it all with no hired help! De-turf    I wanted to keep some of t…


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Hi, I'm Amber Oliver! I hope if you enjoy this project you'll also stop by my blog!I bought some new metal planters for my patio but needed to mount them in brick. Not nearly as easy as in drywall but with the right tools you can do it quickly and easily!  HERE'S THE KIT WITH HEAVY DUTY ANCHORS I USED FOR THIS PROJECT!Your first step is to measure and mark where you'd like to make the holes. Now using a drill bit designed for brick, drill a hole into the brick. This will take…
Check out these easy and cheap ideas to increase your curb appeal and make your front windows look great. Add curb appeal to home with these creative diy projects on a budget. #hometalk
Rustic wood shutters add amazing curb appeal to your home. Make your own with this step-by-step post!   Step 1 - Measure and cut the battensIn order to find out what sizes to make your rustic  wooden shutters, you need to measure the height and width of the windows. The width of the shutters should be about half the the full length of the window. Use the height to calculate the total number of board feet. To save money, my husband purchased 2×12′ lumber boards and we ripped t…

Curb Appeal

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Check out this fun outdoor tree stump bench idea. Upgrade your outdoor fire pits experience with a wooden and concrete bench and table. This fun seat idea is a great way to get outside and enjoy your fire pit. #diy #logbench #firepit

Fire Pits-Bowls

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Zap Those Mosquitos! How to Repel Mosquitos • The Garden Glove

Bug-Animal Deterants

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Painting cement patio pavers can change your backyard space overnight, and give you a custom tile look, for a fraction of the price. How to prep and paint patio tiles    Start by rolling all the patio tiles in Farmhouse White. You’d be surprised to see how fast it dries in the full afternoon sun. Prop up the patio tiles    Before I painted, I used some bricks to prop up one side of each tile to ensure I could pick them up later. Begin Painting The Pattern    Once the white coat is dry,…

Walkways-Paths-Stepping Stones

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Cinder block posts with 4x4's rails for diy fence Cinder block and paver stone.    1st I marked in 2 1/4 inches on the paver stone to have area where cinder block would sit.  Next apply adhesive on paver stone being generous but not to much it will squeeze out.  (1 10 oz tube was enough for 4 applications). Place cinder block on top and position into place.  Let set/cure for 24 hrs. Placement    After allowing the cinder block and paver stone to cure 24 hrs I then starting placing them…

Privacy Screens-Fences-Gates

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How to make a lamp with a wood log? You may have wood logs available around you, or maybe a wood part too big to put in a fireplace… Make this amazing wood floor lamp as indoor or outdoor lighting! This great tutorial will help you in all stages, however, some information, details may be missing, in this case, leave a comment or use your imagination to solve the problem ;) The guide is easier than it sounds, you just need some woodworking knowledge.Full steps on idlights.com Locate…
Summer nights and mood lighting go hand in hand. When you can’t – or it’s too hot to light a fire – you can still enjoy the soothing flicker of a flame with this giant Plexiglass Lantern.     You'll Need:  (Affiliate links on my blog raise proceeds which are all donated to no-kill shelters and rescue organizations.  THANK YOU for helping me raise donations by shopping through these links! ❤    *  A piece of plexiglass. Mine measures 40 and a half by 30 and a half inches.     * Pressur…
Many people know I love thrift stores and solar lights. Put them together and I can create some great things for my yard. Do you have an old chandelier you don’t know what to do with? I picked up a few from thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor.com, and I’m turning them into solar chandeliers. You can see more of my crazy creations here   Here’s the first chandelier. I started by removing the light bulbs and the glass fixture pieces.   I then took off all of the pieces I wo…


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Ah such great talks and sweet memories created on these old porch swings. Even our most beloved treasures, however, eventually outlive their usefulness. So we moved the swing onto a wooded area. And rarely sat in it for twenty years.When my daughter Cindy was visiting, we brainstormed about how to upgrade the old swing for casual living. The simplest idea turned out to be the best. After just a few hours I was enjoying my first nap in the woods. Here's how: Disassemble the old porch sw…
Learn how to create a DIY hanging swing chair with just three items! Follow our step-by-step tutorial to create your own in under twenty minutes!


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I have always wanted a wishing well in my yard but it was always lower on the priority list than some of my other projects. Well, I volunteered to create the class project for my daughter's school auction and in trying to come up with an idea for what to build, I thought of a wishing well. It's the perfect yard decor, and by building one for the school auction, I could build one for myself at the same time! ;-) Here are the abbreviated instructions for how I built my magical wis…

Yard Art-Decore

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diy weed killer
These beautiful citronella torches take less than 10 minutes to make and do a great job of keeping away those pesky bugs.

DIY Weed-Grass Killers

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It's summertime and there are always problems to deal with when caring for your lawn. Anything from dead patches, when to water and how much, how to get rid of those darn weeds, and mowing. Today, I'm going to share how we take care of our lawn with you! You can see more of my crazy creations here   Here's a picture of our yard. It's a big lot and it always needs work - don't they all? We have fescue grass which is better in our dry Colorado environment.Plus wait until you see the new…
Use Zip-Ties as Trim Line Replacement
Perfect Turf®️️️ Dog Runs 1. No Muddy Paws! 2. Much easier to maintain than natural grass. 3. More gentle on your dog’s feet than gravel or mulch. 4. Droppings become dry & hard making clean up a breeze!


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In this tutorial, we show you a fun way to use the netting bags that onions come in to decorate terracotta pots. I’ve had these onion nets saved for quite some time now, working on the theory that I’ll find a use for them eventually. We try to buy produce without packaging as much as possible, but I still pick up packaged things occasionally if I know I can make use of it. I recently shared my How to Upcycle Wire Lampshade Frames into Plant Stands with you. One of the stands holds…
Lasagna bulb pots are fantastically easy to do and provide weeks and weeks of fabulous spring flowers. Start with a deep pot and make sure that it will withstand the winter weather. A terracotta pot should be raised up on feet to protect it. Ensure your pot has drainage holes and that they are not blocked. I suggest placing broken plant pot or polystyrene over the hole. Add a thick layer of compost (approximately 4 inches). Then lay out your tulips, making sure they are the corre…

Potted Plants/Containers

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Do you have a outside faucet that's hard to reach? Here is a way to extend that water source and add a landscaping element. diy | outdoor | backyard | faucet | diy faucet | faucet extender | hose | hose issues | watering | diy water issues

House Maintenance/Repair

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A September To-Do List for Flowers and Gardens | HGTV
This is an easy and affordable DIY for my gardener friends. . . Flower Supports from a Tomato Cage!   Necessity is the mother of invention! By the beginning of August, flowers in the garden have gotten a leggy and a little droopy.   The inspiration for this DIY came from Jardin Half-Round Plant Supports I spied in Gardener’s Supply Company's catalog, to prop up flowers and to keep your flower beds and borders tidy. I loved the look as well as the functionality, but not the price tag --…


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Yes! You read that correctly! 10 minutes.... or less to make a super cute “rustic” bird feeder! And there are no special tools required!You will need: mason jar stainless steel chick drinker chain plant hanger hammer and nail bird seed Gather supplies After verifying that the bird seed would fit through the holes in the stainless steel base I opted to use that one instead of the yellow plastic one, though you could use the plastic type if you wanted! Punch holes I just use…

Bird Feeder/Houses

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One of my bigger and more spontaneous projects this summer was building an X-leg outdoor table. We have a nice deck with a beautiful view and we haven’t really utilized it as much as we wanted to in our house so far.   If you’re looking to build this table, make sure to read this entire post. This table is so affordable to build. The total of all these supplies listed should cost around $90. And you have a super durable table that will hopefully last you for years to come!TAB…


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Rain Chains/Barrells

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Given that we were in the process of restoring our back deck what better time than now to install an awesome water feature. Determine layout On this deck all existing structure was maintained we simply redid the top deck boards post and rails. This little corner angle happened to be the perfect location for what I had in mind. Test fit Using a 4ft water trough I positioned between the two post to make sure it would fit as intended without taking up too much deck space. This sizin…


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