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two signs that say, our class friendship bracelets and the other one says
43 Inexpensive End-of-Year Student Gifts
a bunch of framed pictures with names and words written in different languages on them sitting on a wooden floor
End of Year Gifts for Students
there is a sign on the bag that says wow i'm going to 2nd grade
End Of Year Ideas
Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits: End Of Year Ideas
a board game for kids with the title how to create your own homemade board game
How to create your own board game (creative activity for kids)
Do your kids love playing games? Try letting them design one! This creative activity will help kids analyze the games they know and help them learn how to make a board game of their own.
an advertisement for milk chocolates with the words wonka week written in white on it
Wonka Week - End of the Year Motivation and FUN
Wonka Week - End of the Year Motivation and FUN
the ultimate printable paper airplane competition game for kids to play on their own plane
Flyin' to the End of the Year
kids playing in the grass with buckets and sign that says free end of year activities for
Free End of the Year Resources
a poster with the words end of the year ideas students will love and an image of a
End of the School Year Activities
Students will LOVE these end of the school year ideas and activities! Read about how I engage my students through an end of the year memory book, a geography project, and fun daily questions!
paper plates with writing on them and the words are all about me
3-D All About Me Faces
some kids are making something out of white frosting on a table with other children around them
Fun Activities for the Last Days of School
a bulletin board with yellow sticky notes and tassels hanging on it's sides
25 Must-Do End of the Year Activities {and a FREEBIE}