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Frases para diseñadores y creativos gráficos
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a pink background with the words estado civil disenador and music notes
a speech bubble with the words todos creativos pors se entran
Ser Publicista
the words mi alobee suite espirata are in black and white
Maldita Populy
“My Adobe Suite Is Pirate, Someday I’ll Have The Money To Buy One” CS5.5
the words are written in different colors and styles on a black background, with an image of
by Typewear
a red poster with an image of a turkey in a box and the words'si realmente lo amas de jalo disenar tranquilo tranquil
a poster with the words no hago disenos gratis
the words in spanish are written on white paper with black ink and colored pencils
Lo que tiene que pasar un diseñador... todos los dias.
a poster with headphones on it that says, disenda musical deberia ser delito
an orange and purple poster with an octopus on it's back ground, in spanish
Típico en la vida del diseñador gráfico. By: Henry Fuentes
the words in spanish are written on red paper with white lettering and yellow letters that read,
ideas y talento
the spanish language is written in different languages
an image of two people holding hands with the caption'tu tan centrala yyo tan justificcado a la zquiderda '
Ilustraciones de buen humor de Llegas Pacheco
Ilustraciones de buen humor de Llegas Pacheco | No me toques las Helvéticas | Blog sobre diseño gráfico y publicidad
a heart with glasses and the words el amor tod love