Andrés Osorio

Andrés Osorio

Andrés Osorio
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Hola-Emoticons Logo Intro Animation by YaroFlasher

Creating the perfect logo is a hard enough task, add animation into the mix and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Mondelez Logo animation by Jelio Dimitrov

We, at Four Plus, are delighted to be working for Mondelez. We’ll reveal more on the project very soon and until then - free OREO for everybody!

Epicsodes Logo Animation by Brandon Wall

The very talented Dann Petty launched a video series called Epicsodes by Epicurrence — video interviews of epic creative humans telling their stories. I collaborated with Dann by animating this li.

Iconoclast Logo Animatio by Phong Luong

I had a chance to work on the logo title for Iconoclast Special http:& at Elmotion Lab http:& We decided to go for fun with creative mind and colorful style, like w.

Pivotal Logo Animation by Pivotal

They're smooth, they're slick, they're cool and they're quick. Check out these 45 brilliant logo animations that pop right off the screen.

Firecracker Logo Animation by Latham Arnott

Here is a logo animation I did for the good guys over at Firecracker, who are developing an app to help Medical students study for their tests. The animation idea of the logo is pretty obvious.