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an old movie poster with a woman talking on the phone and two men in bathing suits
Hukilau 2009 handbill design
an advertisement for the honolulu international airport featuring a woman in a hula skirt and flowers
Vintage Illustration
an orange crate with lemons and two glasses of juice on the side, surrounded by citrus fruit
Nostalgic-Art 23197 Home Country and Orange, 30 x 40 CM
a woman with a flower in her hair is holding a sign that says, fly pan am to hawaii
Image in Tropical Tiki Goodness collection by Le Cirque des Rêves.
a welcome sign for the hawaiian party with tiki, pineapples and surfboards
Premium Vector | Retro poster invitation for hawaiian party
an advertisement for the longa room, with mountains in the backgrouund
Tonga Room TIKI Hall of Fame
an advertisement for pineapple fruit with the letter b on it's front and bottom
It’s Pineapple Season, But Does Your Fruit Come From Hawaii?
a poster with flowers and the words hauai on it's back side
Hawaii Bound - Hawaii 2012 Deluxe Wall Calendar - Collection of Vintage Hawaiian Travel Posters
an advertisement for hawaiian pineapples on the side of a white plate with flowers and palm trees
FROM the FARM: Easy pineapple cake recipe is a tropical treat reminder of Hawaii
an old photo of a woman dancing in the water with a palm tree behind her
Sailors & Mermaids
Hawaii 60s, Mauna Loa, Tiki Bars
Fuck Yeah, Tiki!