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the hogwarts castle is lit up at night
Hogwarts by night
Illustration of Hogwarts Castle in the moonlight. #hogwarts #harrypotterfan #moonlight #night #fantasy
a person standing in front of a castle
These 25 Stunning Reflection Photos Will Turn Your World Upside Down
Reflection photography is a challenging and special sort of photography that requires a good grasp of angles and perspective and an ever-vigilant artist's eye. These 25 photos are just a few examples of the amazing reflection photos that can be taken if you keep your eyes open. Instead of shooting a beautiful scene head-on just as you see it, you may have to change your perspective drastically or even shoot upside-down.
an image of a castle on top of a hill with the moon in the background
Full Moon at Hogwarts
A magical and melancholy night at Hogwarts. #hogwarts #wizardingworld #magical #notamuggle
the hog potters train is coming down the tracks in front of an old castle
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