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a cup of hot chocolate sitting on top of a wooden table
Knit Mug Rugs Free Pattern
crocheted scarf with tassels on it and the text, free pattern
12 Free Easy Knitted Bookmark Patterns | The Knit Crew
the seed stitch is being used to make a knitting project with yarn and wood needles
The Knit Seed Stitch Step-by-Step Tutorial & Instructions
a woman leaning on a tree in the woods with her arm wrapped around it's trunk
Outlander Claire Carolina Fingerless Gloves Pattern
Outlander inspired Claire Fraser's fingerless gloves or hand and wrist warmers. Get the free knitting pattern and start making yours! #Outlander #Outlanderknits #Outlanderpatterns #Outlanderseries Make your own pair with this free printable knitting pattern.
a woman with a dog in the woods text reads outlander claire's carolina shawl free knitting pattern
Outlander Carolina Shawl Pattern | Handy Little Me
the free knit shawl pattern is available for purchase
Claire's Rent Shawl Knitting Pattern
Outlander shawl. Claire's Rent Shawl Knitting Pattern. Make a replica of the shawl Claire wears in the Rent episode in season one of the Outlander series. #outlander #rentshawl #outlandershawl #knitting #outlanderknits
a woman in a dress and shawl with the words, free outlander knitting patterns
Outlander Patterns (Inspired By The Knits From The Show)
three different views of the front and back of a knitted shawl
Claire's Rent Shawl Knitting Pattern
seed stitch row 1, kpi row 2, and repeat rows 1 and 2
Seed stitch – a versatile and easy stitch pattern
Seed stitch knitting pattern | Don't Be Such A Square