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McKinley Montague
Blue woman and wolf

Reza Badrossama نقاشی رضا بدرالسما سیمرغ ققنوس phoenix foenix آبرنگ و گواش Water Color& Gouach Classic Art, Miniature Art, Phoenix Painting, Iranian Art, Literature Art, Phoenix Bird, Phoenix Art, Mythical Birds, Art

Simurgh - pt.2 "Si-", the first element in the name, has been connected in folk etymology to Modern Persian si "thirty". Although this prefix is not historically related to the origin of the name simurgh, "thirty" has nonetheless been the basis for legends incorporating that number, for instance, that the simurgh was as large as thirty birds or had thirty colours.

A "Phoenix: rebirth and renewal.The phoenix, is a mythical bird which consumed itself by fire every 500 years; a young phoenix sprang from its ashes. Legend has it, that the phoenix, lands on nothing but the greatest treasures. Lower Back Tattoos, Phoenix Bird, Phoenix Art, Cover Up Tattoos, Mythical Birds, Art, Back Tattoos, Phoenix Tattoo, Phoenix Dragon

Phoenix Cards by toni-taylor on DeviantArt

This image was used as the card~back of The Phoenix Card deck, a divination tool/oracle aiding in recognition of past lives. Phoenix Cards