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shrimp dip recipe in a white bowl with celery on the side
Grandma's Shrimp Dip Recipe
My Grandma's Shrimp Dip Recipe is a huge family favorite, passed down through the generations. It's creamy, seasoned perfectly, filled with tender shrimp and super-quick to throw together!
a pan filled with chicken and mushrooms covered in gravy, garnished with fresh herbs
Chicken Marsala Sauce
This easy chicken marsala sauce comes together in just 30 minutes and can be enjoyed right away with pan-fried chicken or stored for later use.
homemade dill pickle hot sauce in a glass bottle next to garlic and cloves
Dill Pickle Hot Sauce
This Dill Pickle Hot Sauce recipe is the perfect balance of tart, spicy, and tangy. Our easy-to-follow recipe will take your taste buds on a wild ride! Unlike traditional hot sauces, this recipe pairs dill pickles with jalapenos and serrano peppers with a 10-day ferment to give you an addictively delicious condiment. Enjoy it over tacos, eggs, on chicken wings, or mix it into your next Bloody Mary. It's sure to add a unique flavor that you won't find anywhere else!
two white plates with pizza and sauce on them, one has a slice taken out of it
Papa Johns Garlic Sauce
homemade roasted tomato sauce with basil and tomatoes
Easy, Homemade Roasted Tomato Sauce
1h 10m
some food on a white plate with sesame seeds
Simple Ginger Soy Marinated Cod Fish Recipe
popcorn being poured into a white bowl on top of a wooden table with other food items
Honey Butter Popcorn
This honey butter popcorn is SO GOOD. It is the perfect snack recipe. A wonderful combination of salty and sweet.
some food is sitting on a plate with dipping sauce in the bowl next to it
Restaurant Style Crispy Wonton Strips with Homemade Duck Sauce
Crispy Wontons with Homemade Duck Sauce
a bowl of soup sitting on top of a white plate next to a red teapot
Chinese Restaurant-Style Duck Sauce Recipe - Create with Claudia
the best ever thai peanut sauce in a bowl
Quick & Easy Thai Peanut Sauce
someone pouring cream into a glass bowl with a lemon in the background on a wooden table
Julia Child's Easy Blender Hollandaise Sauce - Great Eight Friends
orange honey mustard dressing being drizzled over salad
Orange Honey Mustard Dressing - Light, Tangy, and Delicious!