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an advertisement for cookies and cream with chocolate chips in the top half, on a white background
Mixed Drink Recipes | Classic Cocktail Recipes | DeKuyper®
Cookies and Cream cocktail 1 part pinnacle cake vodka 1 part pinnacle whipped vodka 1 part Dekuyper crème de cocoa white liqueur 2-3 scoops vanilla ice cream Oreo cookies
a bottle of rumchata next to a glass filled with sprinkles
Confetti (2 ozs Rum Chata 1 oz cake vodka)
a bottle of vodka with instructions on how to make it and what to use it
#three-olives-cake on Tumblr
Three Olives Cake!! I mix it with pineapple juice and it tastes like a pineapple upside cake shot! My whole family loves it!
a bottle of pinnacle vodka next to a martini glass filled with whipped cream and topped with a slice of cake
Drink Your Cake – Pinnacle Cake, That Is
Pinnacle Cake Vodka Recipes ~Now you can have your cake and drink it too!
the pineapple upside down cake is in a tall glass with ice and syrup on top
Mix The Moment. UV+1 - UV Vodka
UV Vodka Recipe: Pineapple Upside Down Cake
two glasses filled with ice cream and cherries next to bottles of bailey's
Tipsy Bartender