2023 wall collage <3

uni room wall
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a woman with long blonde hair standing in front of a red heart and the words feminine rage
a woman making a heart with her hands
an article in the paper features a photo of a woman with long hair holding arrows
an article in the news about taylor swift goes pop for giant release
Taylor in Malaysian newspaper The Star
the daily news article features an image of a woman standing in front of a door
Taylor Swift poster
a green butterfly sitting on top of a white sheet with the words, origin of symetry
Remnants of a Car Spider
Remnants of a Car is a Spider: For my Digital Imaging class we had to make CD...
two women standing next to each other with roses in their mouths and one holding a rose
liv & gracie
the title for she had a marvelous time running everything, written in black ink on white paper
a receipt with the words emails i can't send on it and an image of a barcode
emails i can't send // sabrina carpenter
a woman sitting on top of a couch talking on a cell phone
im-a-mirrorballl | VSCO
the back cover of lovely to sit between comfort and chaos, with text in black
Ceilings by Lizzy McAlpine Print
i love julien phoene and lucky sticker on the back of a cell phone
boy, are they genius.