I want a monkey in overalls. I WILL have a monkey in overalls :)

I'm speechless. Look at those eyes!!! There is so much love in these eyes and when you look again you notice the heartshapes. Stunning, just absolutely stunning.

Chimpanzee Nani at Ngamba Island Sanctuary in Uganda.---what a great face---

Fondant monkey

Fondant monkey this monkey nikki baby shower

monkey emoji wallpaper

Monkey Wallpapers Monkey Backgrounds Collection for Mobile

Decorados de Uñas | Decoraciónes de Uñas Nail Art

Me encantan además los monitor dan un toque chic a las uñas

why are babies so adorable?

Monkey Totem Baby monkey in the forest, watching carefully;

if you were born in year of the monkey, you are lively and fun.

baby monkey so cute.i want my monkeys.

Lar Gibbon.  Gibbons are unusual because unlike 94 percent of all other primate species, they are monogamous, living in small families composed of a mated pair and up to four offspring. Gibbons are physically independent at about three, mature at about six, and usually leave the family group at about eight years of age.  (JasonBrownPhotography)

Gibbon by JasonBrownPhotography

* (by Lim Pei Yi)

'Do Not Disturb' (by Lim Pei Yi) sleeping monkey.

Impossibly cute. IMG_3441 very young dusky langur by Troup1 on Flickr

A very young dusky langur, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand. Dusky langurs are born a bright gold color and turn a dusky gray in a matter of months.

Gotta love a banana

Monkeys banned from eating bananas at Devon zoo - Home News - UK .