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an old man wearing a santa hat and holding his tongue out in front of him
Hi everyone, I hope yall are having a good day. Please follow me and Lila Meiring.
three different pictures of seagulls with caption that reads, you must be outa you god damn mind
the tweet has been posted to someone on twitter, and it looks like they are
the tweet has been posted to someone who is trying to fix their house
an image of a cartoon character that is talking to someone on his cell phone and the caption says, so what did i miss? my birthday?
Hamilton · HAM!SK£TCH£§ · Comics · Jefferson · Madison
an image of a man and woman with red glasses on their faces, in the background is a text box that reads i told you not to miss your friend
yOU miSSeD YoUR lESsoN
an image of a man that is looking at the camera and has words on it
When he looks at Jefferson
two pictures of a woman wearing sunglasses with the caption, i spy a cinnamon roll
an image of a man pointing to someone on the side of a board with text that reads, you don't messed up a - a - ron
the text is written in black and white on a piece of paper that says mom we got
Totally me
some people that are looking at each other in different pictures and one has an image of them
two texts that are in the same language, one is telling someone to stop talking
A girl who went to my school last year posted this on her main....I have no words-Tasha
a news anchor is talking about the fire that broke through buildings in hamiton heights