UAV de vigilancia HoverMast

A new machine can gather and transmit data while flying 50 meters above a car. The Israeli-made Sky Sapience HoverMast is a general-purpose intelligence-gathering craft that can carry up to 9 kilograms of equipment like radar systems or sensors.

Nueva VAIO 14P de Sony ofrece control por gestos

New Sony Vaio with Kinect-type swipe control - now you can really be Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

DARPA asigna fondos para desarrollar nave interestelar en 100 años

DARPA funds 100 Year Starship to develop human interstellar flight capabilities will attempt to develop the capabilities needed for human interstellar flight in the next century to take us to other stars

IBM Sequoia la supercomputadora más rápida del mundo

IBM Sequoia Supercomputer-currently the world's fastest computer used by the Department of Energy has petaflops (that’s a quadrillion floating point operations per second). from 96 racks containing computing nodes and million cores.

Enjambres de satélites con láseres capaces de desviar asteroides

Engineers at Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde suggest that a swarm of laser-wielding satellites could nudge Earth-bound asteroids off their collision course.

Científicos producen celdas solares que aprovechan luz infrarroja

UCLA creates transparent solar cell, dreams of current generating windows. windows that will generate heat indoors

La ASUS VivoTab

La ASUS VivoTab