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Quick and easy makeup tricks and tips.

Kerry-Lou Henson

Natural Makeup Tutorial For Mature Women

In this is a quick, easy to follow tutorial, NYC makeup artist Kerry-Lou demonstrates some techniques that create a natural, radiant look for mature women. ...

Flattering Makeup Colors for Grey Hair

Thank you so much for checking our my channel! This channel is primarily for older women and men who are interested in cultivating great style as they age! ...

This makeup tutorial video is the first in a series of quick and easy makeup tips - this one focuses on covering grey brows, thanks for watching!

Quick Eyebrow Color - Tint Grey Hairs Using "Just for Men"

In this video, I demonstrate the quick and simple way that I use to tint my grey eyebrows. I am using Just for Men Mustache and Beard formula. I have been ...

How to Apply your Makeup While Wearing your Glasses - by Kerry-Lou

Some of us are blind without our glasses, so watch this tutorial to learn how to apply your makeup WHILE wearing your glasses! Please add your comments and q...

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes! 💋

Now that you've got your brand new Kerry-Lou brushes, here's how to care for them properly ;) See the makeup brush line at