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#1 Straight Ship | RWBY

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FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC by LeonardoFRei on DeviantArt

Got over my artist block finall Came up with this while talking to a friend She made a joke there, just making that clear, she said that just to f*ck wi... FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC


she/her • 18 • INFJ RWBY time (not spoiler free!)

life hard tiddy soft

“who do u need us to beat up, honey?” (this post spoke to me)

General Ironwood is terrified... (Credit: @S_Dhallo on Twitter)

RWBY: Pronounced Ruby.

Rwby Vol.8

RWBY VOLUME 8 SPOILERS AHEAD!! FOSS-powered original and fanmade content. Reblogs a lot of stuff. Krita, Linux Mint and PureRef are my saviors. Buy me a Ko-fi | Commission Details For mobile / Tumblr...

quotes and other things: Photo

~header is art by @amelia-yap~ Queued incorrect quotes and other Schnee family content

KJthetalekeeper on Twitter

“hurt juice :) #RWBY #PennyPolendina #genLOCK”

Funky Little Lesbian: Photo

Doodle | 23 | She/They | Hella Lesbian |RWBY Obsessed

RWBY Comic: Behind The Mask, Art by #y8ay8a on Twitter, #RWBYWhiteFang #SiennaKhan