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a pink purse with cactus print on it and the words cactus print pouch written in green
Cactus Crochet Coin Pouch - CROCHET PATTERN
This pretty cactus crochet coin pouch pattern features simple embroidered cactuses, and a classic kiss clasp for enduring style. It's perfect for stowing your small essentials, to help keep your bag or purse organized. Makes a lovely, heartfelt gift or a great addition to your summer crochet fair booth! Pattern download also includes 2 additional patterns, a sunglass pouch and a cactus clutch! #whistleandivy #crochetclutch #crochetcoinpurse #crochetpouch #crochetclutchpattern #summercrochet #c
a crocheted blue and white stuffed animal sitting next to a potted plant
Snom Pokemon Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern
Oh, my stars and garters! Have you seen something so cute it just made your heart do a little flip? Well, prepare for your heart to somersault because I stumbled upon the most adorable Snom Pokemon pattern. Honestly, it just screams “hug me!”
two small crocheted penguins wearing hats and scarves
22 Penguin Crochet Patterns That Will Make You Say WOW
Mr. Tiny is all set to celebrate Christmas with it’s cutesy christmas hat. He has also worn a warm muffler which keeps him warm. You can crochet Mr. Tiny to adorn your Christmas trees or to gift your loved ones. They will surely love it. For this crochet penguin pattern, you will need DK yarn in black, grey and cream colors. A crochet hook of 2.5mm and googly eyes. Don’t forget to get a polyfill for stuffing.
crocheted fish and cornucopies are shown in two different pictures, one is blue and the other is white
8 Cat Toy Free Crochet Pattern
a close up of a crocheted object with the words, crochet with me a flexagon fidget toy
Flexagon fidget toy crochet pattern with free video tutorial - Yarnandy
crochet flower patterns are shown in three different colors and sizes, one is pink, the other is green
8 Easter Napkin Ring Crochet Patterns
two little crocheted animals sitting next to each other on a white surface with text overlay that says amigurmi candy free pattern
Amigurumi candy pattern ⋆ A little love everyday
crochet pattern for mini monsters with text overlay
Mini Monster - Free Crochet Pattern
three crocheted animals laying on top of a white blanket
Pastel pusheen Amigurumi pattern
an image of a cell phone screen with the text dandy the lion free pattern
some sort of animal made out of yarn and sprinkles with eyes on it
Soot Sprite Amigurumi Pattern - Ami Amour
a hand holding an ornament made out of crocheted christmas ornaments and string
Tiny Christmas Decorations Free Crochet Patterns
a knitted flower with a skull in the center surrounded by yellow and black flowers
a crocheted frog sitting on top of a yellow background with the words crochet pattern written below it
Lili the Frog - Amigurumi Crochet Pattern - amibonjyu's Ko-fi Shop
two crocheted chairs sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table
Free Pattern: Froggy Chair
a purple stuffed animal on top of a wooden table next to a green plastic object
Just crocheted this little anglerfish dice bag! And yes, that d20 does glow in the dark.
a hand holding a pink and gray stuffed animal
Sweet Softies: Rumi the Red Panda · Amigurumi Crochet Pattern
two crocheted mice in a leaf with text overlay that says mouse sleepy head free crochet pattern
Sleeping Baby Mouse Free Crochet Patterns
a hand holding a small stuffed animal in front of a rock wall
Crochet Moss Agate Crystal Bat
Halloween Ghost Cat Amigurumi Free Crochet PatternIf you are an Amigurumi fanaticyou will definitely like this Crochet PatternIt is a free pattern that you can use to make a Halloween Ghost Cat AmigurumiThe pattern is detailed and easy to followYou can use any yarn and hook size but be sure to check that your gauge and tension will be rightcrochetdesign crochettips crochetsunhat crochetfedora Crochet Halloween Decorations, Halloween Knitting Patterns
Unleash Your Creativity: Express Yourself with Bold and Colorful Hairstyles
a tiny crochet doll sitting on top of a pink and white background with text overlay that reads free crochet pattern tiny tiny one piece crochet doll
Mini Noso One Piece Crochet Doll Amigurumi Crochet Pattern