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bake sale packaging!

packaging cupcakes

I wanted to pass along an awesome idea I found here when searching for bake sale ideas for our school's Harvest Fest. She came up with the genius idea of using 9 oz. plastic cups wrapped in treat bags to individually package cupcakes. I added a little spoon tied on...

Cake Serving Guide to know just how many cakes will serve your guests.

We love it when we stumble across beautifully styled wedding guides. Here is a cake serving guide to help you determine how many cakes you need. {Photo Credit: Iced Jems}

Wedding Cake Serving Sizes

Ordering a Wedding Cake in Italy, All the Details

Answers to all your questions about destination wedding cakes from Florence, Italy cake designer Tuscan Wedding Cakes. We try to cover everything from wedding cake flavors, tier sizes, pricing and frequently asked questions - like how do we deliver your wedding cake in Tuscany? Find your answers here.

Sheet Cake Cutting and Servings Guide

Sheet Cake Cutting And Servings Guide

Sheet Cake Cutting And Servings Guide Per several requests to post this here, here it is. This is the guide that I created to determine how...

NEW Round Cake Serving Guide/Chart

New Round Cake Serving Guide/chart

New Round Cake Serving Guide/chart There is a similar graph to this on Cake Central, but it is not very large, so I totally made one in...

How to cut cake layers!

How to Cut a Cake Layer in Half

If you need to cut cake layers in half, there is a simple and accurate method that does not involve messing with knives or having your cake roll across the countertop. With floss and some toothpicks, you can slice the cake in half with...

Cake serving chart. Site also has a chart for square cakes as well as how to cut them to maximize servings!

Useful Wedding Tips

As a wedding planner for almost 12 years, it's my duty to provide my clients with useful information on how to plan the wedding of their dr...