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a person is holding scissors over some christmas cards and magnets on a table top
How to Recycle Christmas Cards DIY
There are, oh so, many ways to recycle old Christmas Cards. Today I’m going to show you my favorite way to preserve Holiday Cards from years passed. It's Cynthia at Create With Cynthia and preserving holiday cards is memorable. I take all the cards I receive and for each year, I make a little book. Then I put all the books into a Christmas Box. During Christmas time, I pull out my box of previous years “received” Holiday Cards and reminiscence on friendships. It’s a memorable…
How to glue a metal frame
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nine purses are lined up on the table together, all covered in floral fabric
Lovely Liberty Coin Purses
Lovely Liberty Coin Purses | Purl Soho
the words hundreds of ways to use old christmas cards
Turn Old Christmas Cards into New Treasures
Crafty Journal - Hundreds of Ways to Use Old Christmas Cards
a collage of christmas cards with the words, 5 ways to repurpose christmas cards
51 EPIC Recycled Christmas Card Crafts
some christmas cards with the words 30 creative ways to recycle greeting cards
Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, and Upcycle Greeting Cards |
a pile of cards with the words how to recycle old cards
Recycle Old Cards
I always feel bad throwing away my holiday cards but now I found some creative ways to recycle old cards and make awesome craft projects with them. Check out the ways you can repurpose old cards too
there are two boxes with pencils in them and an open box on the table
25 Clever Calendar Repurposing Ideas That Are Creative And Fun
25 Clever Calendar Repurposing Ideas That Are Creative And Fun
christmas cards with the words great ideas for recycling christmas cards
How To Reuse & Upcycle Old Christmas Cards