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katherin Randazzo
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The Classic This is sex 101. The woman on her back, legs slightly apart. Man on top between her thighs. He supports himself on his arms so he can look down to her and she can use her arms to squeeze his bum and guide the movement so it's just how she likes it. From here he can easily slide in and out of her and she can lie back and enjoy it.

The Frog - kamasutra sex position - Sex positions - kamasutra sex positions -

I bet you didn't know the sex positions women don't like...

Flying Circus Sex Position - The Flying Circus sex position is for the daring only! He'll need good upper body strength for this, but if you can manage it, the feeling of flying during sex will be worth it!

The Reclining Lotus - a little yoga practice goes a long way...    The woman lies on her back, legs crossed in the "lotus" position (the opposite foot on top of the opposite knee). The man lies between her legs and penetrates from above.     So that the woman doesn't have to carry his entire weight, it's recommended that the man braces himself on his arms.     A pillow under the woman's hips can change the penetration angle. Her hands are free to wander or to hold on to her partner.

The Reclining Lotus - kamasutra sex position - Sex positions - kamasutra sex positions