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an abstract pattern with white dots and lines on a gray background, in the shape of a rectangle
Post #89 - One line
an image of lines that are drawn in black and white
Post #89 - One line
a black and white drawing of many lines
an image of lines drawn on paper with black and white ink in the middle, as if they were straight from the ground
curated pattern and print
curated pattern and print
some art work is laying out on the table
black and white drawing of abstract shapes
an image of some type of art that looks like it is made out of paper
a piece of paper that has been drawn with black and white ink on top of it
Post #96 - Work doodle
four different pictures with lines and shapes drawn on them, all in sepia tones
Post #146 - Patterns on Instagram III
an abstract white background with wavy lines
Post #124 - Winding