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an anime character poses with her hands on her hips
hanamaru kunikida
two people sitting on the steps in front of a building
dia kurosawa and hanamaru kunikida ♡
Fan Art, Anime Girlxgirl, Cute, Cute Cartoon, Cool Girl, Koi
a woman standing on top of a wooden bench next to a body of water with a bridge in the background
Icons, Manga, Cute Characters, Girls
the cover to lovelive days magazine featuring two women in bikinis and one is holding
an anime character with long hair and green eyes wearing a white dress, standing in front of a yellow ribbon
two girls are hugging each other in front of an advertisement for lovelive days
ラブライブ!シリーズ公式 on X
an anime character is standing in front of a blue background
an anime character is holding her hand up
an anime movie poster with many characters
Live, Save, Quick
a woman posing next to a poster with japanese characters on it's face and hands
小林 愛香 on Twitter
an anime character with long hair in yellow and white dress, standing on a purple ball
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Acre, Emi, Anime Hintai, Duo
an anime poster with many women in bikinis and one is wearing a bathing suit
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CYaRon Seiyuu
an anime character is standing in front of a stage with balloons and lights behind her
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a girl in a white dress is standing on the street with her hand up to her head
Ariana Grande, Singer, Cinderella, Abs, Suwa
女性声優の腋 on Twitter
Pokémon, Kawaii Art, Anime People
iR-dR: Daily Doodles
an anime character with purple eyes and black hair, holding a spoon in her hand
iR-dR: Daily Doodles
Ruby Kurosawa, Polyamorous Relationship, Voice Actor, Jpop
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