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the programming languages you should learn to become
useful art youtubers !!
these will help you improve , hope it helps 🫶
an info sheet with different types of graphics
Vector VS Raster
the graphic design pricing list is shown
Graphic Design Pricing List for 15+ Services [Updated for 2024]
the pricing sheet for pixell to print convert chart with numbers and times on it
20 Diagrams That Make Print Design Much Easier
a blue poster with the names of different font styles and colors, including one that says banned font
List of Banned Fonts
Because some people need a fonts intervention - oops just used orator for a clients stationery - but it works. And it had to be one that they had access to as well
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts that are flying in the sky
Graphic Design Terminology That Noobs Often Get Confused | Martech Zone