Bamboo House

Car Park Amsterdam

This beautiful Guadua bamboo house in Costa Rica, is located near Playa Sombrero at the Osa Peninsula. The bamboo house was designed and built by Costa Rican architect Mariela Garcia and her husband Steve Jurries.

Green Village / Elora Hardy / Bali

The Green Village / IBUKU

The black bamboo Minang-style dining room at Bambu Indah Resort by Ibuku Architecture

bamboo houses shape ibuku's green village community in thailand

'Green Village' by Ibuku Studio, Indonesia - Decoration - Design - Interior Design - Ideas - Furniture - Dream Home - Resort - Green Village - Bali - Indonesia - Bamboo - Ikubu Studio

Bamboo Vacation Home Casa Atrevida

Bamboo Vacation Home Casa Atrevida

The Karo people live in the highlands north east of Lake Toba in North Sumatra. The highlands were conquered by the Dutch and in 1909 roads were constructed ending the isolation of the highland Karo. This is one of their traditional homes, a rumah. More on

Today Top Dreamer give you very interesting photos about Natural Homes, this is homes who are made with natural materials. All those houses are made

Cafe Construido con Bambu, Arquitectura Sostenible

The Grandeur of the Building ‘Kontum Indochine Cafe’ Vietnam

Simón Vélez - bamboo architecture

Simón Vélez "Iglesia sin Religion" (Church Without Religion) Interior. TWIST: fabulous use of bamboo to creat this marvelous sculpture. Note the reflective quality of the floor creating a water-like foundation (at least to my eye).

Tongkonan house, Sulawesi

Martinez & Company newsletter that explores some background on our Sulawesi coffee, Celebes Toraja from the Rante Karua Plantation.

Vo Trong Nghia, arquitecto vietnamita ha sabido aunar estos dos "momento"s constructivos tomando los valores positivos de cada uno de ellos y limitando el uso de tornillería, refuerzos de acero y clavos sin renunciar a la estabilidad y seguridad estructural.

Interior of Water and Wind Cafe (made of bamboo & other natural materials) in Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia