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Karla Sanchez

Karla Sanchez
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Pumpkin Palooza: NO PREP printables for Fall

NO PREP printables for Fall and Halloween. Perfect activities to keep students engaged and busy during the craziness of Halloween at school.

Multiplication Array Chart~Kids pick a problem, illustrate an array on index or sticky note, then attach it to the right spot. Kids could also show in other ways such as fact family, equal groups, repeated addition, or fact families.

Multiplication array chart: This would be THE coolest thing for a team to post in the hallway. Kids can contribute array illustrations for the chart. Maybe our team can do this next week.

M math

Math Standard Students will draw a picture graph and bar graph. This activity will be used at the beginning of the year in math to work on sorting M + Ms. My students will make a pictograph and bar graph to record their findings.

Math about Me - FREE printable!

Math about Me 2 - As requested, I replaced "Zip Code" with "Postal Code" for my non-American friends. Here is an updated FREE printable!

SWBST to teach Summarizing a story

Laminate and use a dry-erase marker on the sticky notes. Use for writing or summarizing narratives. (Post Its, Sticky Notes, English Language Arts, Anchor Chart, Grammar)