The beautiful town of Guatape in Colombia. Mucho más sobre nuestra hermosa Colombia en

Colombia travel at its finest - The beautiful town of Guatape in Colombia with it's colourful streets

Reserva natural de Guatapé, Medellin, Colombia

Medellín, la vanguardia de Colombia


The National Park Cocuy is located in the Andes mountains. Due to its location in high altitudes but close to the equator, the park is heavily influenced by glaciers and their movements. It is especially an attraction to rock climbers of all levels.

Glaciar Laguna. Tolima

In the Andean Region of Colombia you can find snow, and even glaciers! The extreme biodiversity of this Country has incredibly much to offer.

Isla del Encanto - Islas del Rosario. #Colombia #Viajes #Travel

Isla del Encanto - Islas del Rosario. #Colombia #Viajes #Travel

The park of light, in the middle of the city of Medellin, Colombia.

Medellin,Colombia , just named In March 2013 the most innovative city of the world, very proud of my homeland's achievements