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@girasouljewels hairpieces 😍🧚🏽‍♀️🌻💕
a person is holding some beads in their hand and two other items are on the table
Aretes en alambrismo
a pair of red and gold bracelets with matching ear clips on top of each other
Aretes filigrana y venturinas café.
Aretes en alambrismo con perlas Bracelets, Jewelry Patterns, Pearl Bracelet, Jewelry, Gemas, Gold Pearl Bracelet
Aretes en alambrismo con perlas
Ideas, Earrings, Boucle D'oreille, Vora, Hand Jewelry
a person is holding a small gold earring in their left hand and it looks like they are made out of wire
aretes de espiral con filigrana
two pink and gold earrings sitting on top of an open book next to a flower
Tutorials, Collar, Beaded, Uñas
a pair of gold earrings with blue beads and circular designs on the outside of them
Bellos aretes, en tono pastel🥰
a hand holding two pieces of jewelry in front of a white background with the words azucena $ 8, 000 = detail $ 9 00 =
the earrings are made with wire and beadwork on top of each other,
two pairs of earrings with blue beads and gold accents are displayed on a white surface