Arte y color christmas manicura 7.000 cambio esmalte 5.000

christmas reindeer nail art by botanicnails

Gonna ask the nail salon if they can do this. Love these nails so much! :)

Nail art d’été d’inspiration indienne

Idk how to translate the page to English, but.

Cute Winter and Christmas Nail Ideas #snowman nail art - Crafty Morning

Cute Winter and Christmas Nail Ideas snowman nail art - Crafty Morning

Haga alarde de su sol besó las uñas con este azul manicura francesa temática blanco y la medianoche. El color base está recubierta en beige y con punta con esmalte azul medianoche, forrado con un color blanco puro. Los otros clavos se recubren a la inversa, azul medianoche mate con rayas blancas rematadas con un cordón clara en la intersección.

70 Ideas of French Manicure

Flaunt your sun kissed nails with this white and midnight blue themed French manicure. The base color is coated in beige and tipped with midnight blue polish, lined with a pure white color. The other nails are coated in reverse,… Continue Reading →




Bugs Awesome Spring Nails Design for Short Nails Easy Summer Nail Art Ideas


Black angle tips

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Hands are one of the most important and beautiful assets of a woman – and they also happen to be one of the first things men notice about women! This is why it is important for your nails to be clean, properly maintained and freshly painted, not only for

Uñas colores

Uñas colores

Uñas pingüino.

how to diy penguin nail design