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These Nail Trends Will Be Huge This Summer time - Tiesy

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like the mandala.but different color

“Henna Tattoo inspired nails Used a toothpick, "Iced Latte", and black acrylic paint”

37 Acrylic Nail Art Designs You'll Want To Try For Upcoming Parties And Events - Useful DIY Projects

Estilo ruana

Cool Tribal Nail Art Ideas and Designs. Work to mark rites of passage, helped identify family members or work as a charm to ward off evil spirits. Wonderful for festive or special occasions.


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Henna Inspired Nails — Lieve91

Makeup Ideas: Henna pattern nails by Anja Lisa Mullins

Lavender reverse stamped nails. (by @nailpolishsociety on IG)

Lead Light Stamping nail art by Emiline Harris