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three pieces of paper with words written on them, and two pictures of the same person
Character Project for ANY Novel! - Teaching with a Mountain View
a colorful bulletin board in the middle of a room with an american flag hanging on it
One more week. Yikes!
Bright Chevron and Polkadots classroom theme! Student classwork board
a poster with popsicles on it that says pop - fil into first
Painted Palette Rainbow Paint Chip Border
It's officially fall in our neck of the woods but we can definitely always use a popsicle! We're loving @teacherbitsandbobs 's door to their first grade classroom! The pop's look good enough to eat! They used our Painted Palette Rainbow Paint Chip border to cut out some popsicles
printable math board games for kids
Math games: FREE math math board games packet.
a teacher's day poster with the words, teach the teacher day on it
This is a fun end of the year activity. Students teach a lesson about anything they choose! Great for practicing speaking and listening skills. You will be amazed at what you learn from your students! More Than a Worksheet
a teacher's day poster with the words, teach the teacher day and an image of
Teach the Teacher Day: My favorite end of the year activity!
children standing in front of some books with the title free readers'theater scripts for 4 poem
Free Readers' Theater Scripts
Free readers' theater scripts & readers' theater poems that provide fast, funny reading fluency activities for students in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.
the end of the year student celebration is decorated with pictures and writing on blackboard
Celebrating the End of the Year - Sparkling in Second Grade
Celebrating the end of the year can be a special time for you and your students, use the end of the year countdown to celebrate their successes!
close reading planning page with pen on top
Taking the Rocket Science out of Close Reading
Close reading, broken down with a FREE planning page that works for any text
the process for making peeps experiment with free printables is shown in pictures
Peeps Experiment with Free Printables- Effects of Liquids on Peeps
Effects of Liquids on Peeps - There are three printable experiment result sheets available.
we love poetry a poetry analss bundle for pre - k students with freebie
Poetry Ideas BIG KIDS Love and a Poetry Analysis FREEBIE
We HEART Poetry! A Poetry Analysis FREEBIE for Grades 4-8
a poem with the text free poetry close read for any poem in front of it
How to Teach Poetry (Even if You Hate it) - Notes from the Portable
This FREE poetry close read was perfect for my literacy centers and guided reading lessons. A great addition to my poetry unit.