Летние модели для шитья с выкройками..... <3 Deniz <3.

Коллекция выкроек.

Inspiración reciclaje una camisa de hombre en blusa de mujer con inserciones de encaje en la parte inferior.

Great upcycle of what looks like a man's shirt. purple and white striped shirt and antique hankies--I like the juxtaposition of the striped button down with flowy doilies and linens----Chasing Santa Fe upcycle Inspiration


Вязание крючком

Love this refashion idea for a plain tank and a vintage handkerchief!!

Refashion idea for a plain tank and a vintage handkerchief! (Inspiration Only, No Pattern or Instruction)

sweater refashion inspiration

Super cute ribbon weave - refashioned sweaters but would be better as a scarf