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Sinking funds
this is so cool wish i knew this sooner
Great ideas from: effectivespaces on TikTok.
an app that is showing the message for someone's house and how to use it
a text message written in black and white with the words, make sure all bank accounts have direct benefiaries
Mindfulness, Leadership, Counseling, Thought Control, Self Help, Mental And Emotional Health, Emotional Health
Useful affirmations for thought spiral
the text on this tweet reads, your supreme, difranza and my partner teaching me to stop reading people's subject and to operate like there is no problem unless
this actually blew my mind.
this actually blew my mind.: CPTSDmemes
the $ 1, 000 in 30 days plan that works
How To Save $1000 a Month (Free Money Challenge)
the $ 20, 000 one year savings is shown in black and white with hearts
Savings challenge $20k
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the 28 - day spring cleaning challenge is shown in green, yellow and orange colors
Are you ready to learn how to clean your home like a pro?!
Are you ready to learn how to clean your home like a pro?! Get ready for the big spring cleaning frenzy is right around the corner! This post is full of genius cleaning hacks & cleaning recipes to make your house sparkle all year round. Find out the best methods to deep clean a toilet, how to find small items with a vacuum or how to clean your windows super fast! #cleaning #cleaninghacks #howtoclean #springcleaning #checklist #hhmuk