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an art work with many different shapes and colors
four pop art paintings of marilyn monroe
FAM EAST: Andy Warhol Children’s Art Workshop
Join Dot Kids for this workshop exploring the life & art of Andy Warhol, discussing Pop Art and the concept of fame.
four different colored strawberries in squares
Art Lessons and Projects for Children: Andy Warhol and Pop Art
Finished strawberry pop art. More
four cans of soup are shown in this drawing
How to Draw Andy Warhol Soup Cans. Then have student Pop-Art-ize what they have in their lunch
a drawing of some wood with nails sticking out of it's holes in the wood
How to Draw Realistic Wood Grain Details with Colored Pencils - EmptyEasel.com
How to draw realistic wood grain details with colored pencils
the value of light to dark is shown in this drawing, which shows different colors and shapes
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value in color
the elements of art poster is shown
ART VOCABULARY Art Elements & Principles (Prezi) The ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES of art/design are the building blocks used to create a work of art. The Elements of art/design can be thought…#arttherapy #arttherapist #therapy #erinfado #youwillbearwitness #fightingforafuture
a poster with different types of art on it's sides and the words, principals of design
Process Journal #1
the elements of art poster is shown in black and white
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Photos - The Decatur Digital Photography Meetup (Decatur, GA) - Meetup
the elements of design are shown in this graphic style chart, which includes different colors and shapes
Irving Rivera on Twitter