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John Barrowman, fabulous as always. I would've gone to prom with John Barrowman if he was in a in kilts are sexy. Torchwood, Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor, Space Man, Beaux Couples, Captain Jack Harkness, Fandoms, Look Here, To Infinity And Beyond

☼ Here Comes The Sun ☼

“well, look who’s famous now, guurl” [Friday/Sunday Night Project Caps]

No she didn't meet the Doctor before Jack actually. Jack wasn't with Torchwood when he met the Doctor, but then became a part of Torchwood way back when it first began. Jack knew the doctor first. Torchwood, Chris Evans, Space Man, Serie Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, Jack Harkness, Out Of Touch, Fandoms, Don't Blink

not the dr who blog ur looking for

when i first saw this episode i was like yeah ok cool space pig but then i realized then i fucking realized Toshiko Sato met the Doctor before Jack did and she didn’t even fucking know it WE GOT A...

I think my jaw dropped so hard it just became unhinged. I mean, I& seen David Tennant in drag but this is on a veeeeerrry different level. Who do you think would win a drag queen contest? Benedict Cumberbatch, John Barrowman, or David Tennant? Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor, John Barrowman, Fandoms, Sherlock, Supernatural, Beaux Couples, Pantyhosed Legs, Captain Jack Harkness

That Moment When You Realize… #JohnBarrowman

From Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S.

John Barrowman and Misha Collins at Comic Con :) Dominik I think my ovaries exploded John Barrowman, The Lord, Captain Jack Harkness, Misha Collins, Destiel, Strike A Pose, Superwholock, Doctor Who, Just In Case

𝙺𝚊𝚝𝚑 𝚂𝚔𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚢 🎞️ on Twitter

“Strike a pose! @team_barrowman & @mishacollins”

Day Favorite spin off. Torchwood, I think. I haven& seen a lot of the Doctor Who spinoffs, but I did see a little bit of Torchwood. I liked it, and it& probably my favorite spinoff so far. (-Holly M. Torchwood, Doctor Who, Eleventh Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, John Barrowman, Kino Film, Bbc Tv, Rory Williams, Grant Gustin


Torchwood, a spin-off from the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who, follows a group of investigators working for the secret organisation of the same name. Set in Cardiff, Wales the team specialise in alien technology that has landed on Earth, and crime, whether it be alien or human. The mysterious Captain Jack Harkness is the leader

Jack and Ianto were lovely, but I freaking hate final season of Torchwood It was disapointing. Ianto and Jack Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood, 11th Doctor, Doctor Who, Whos On First, John Barrowman, Don't Blink, Dr Who, My Heart Is Breaking

Ianto and Jack by Bloodmilkk on DeviantArt

Jack and Ianto were lovely, but I freaking hate final season of Torchwood It was disapointing. Ianto and Jack