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These DIY Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes Are A Must-Try Inexpensive Alternative To The Store-Bought Version

Say goodbye to harsh cleaning agents.

The best home cleaning advice. Includes checklists and cleaning schedules on how to clean everything in your home. These helpful tips and tricks will help you to declutter your home and create a cleaning schedule that works for you and your family. Diy Cleaning Products, Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning Tips For Home, Home Cleaning Services, Bedroom Cleaning Tips, Carpet Cleaning Tips, Spring Cleaning Tips, Borax Cleaning, Floor Cleaning

10 Graphs That Will Make you Pro at Cleaning Anything

Let’s get real, cleaning anything and everything can be a bit of a hassle (or it’s just a task we’re not up…

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How to Measure Remaining Sunlight With Your Hands | The Art of Manliness

You’re in the woods near the end of the day and you ask yourself: should I set up camp now, or do I have enough daylight to keep trekking further down the trail? But you’re not sure what time sunset is, and therefore how much light you have left. Sure, you could check your watch/phone, …

5 Ways to Healthy Living at Home Clean your mattress and get rid of dust mites Household Cleaning Tips, House Cleaning Tips, Spring Cleaning, Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning Supplies, Bedroom Cleaning Tips, Deep Cleaning Lists, Cleaning Checklist, Household Cleaners

Smell Hacks - Steaten

1. Dryer Sheets on a Fan Create an instant air freshener by placing dryer sheets on the back of a fan. Do you think this works? Seems possible! (Source unknown) 2. Clean a toilet with Coca Cola Banish toilet smells while cleaning the gross bowl with some Coke. What?! 3. Put fragrance in a toilet paper roll Pick your favorite fragrance, place a few drops inside of a toilet paper roll, and the scent gets activated anytime someone pulls off some toilet paper from the roll! 4. Fix a sour sponge…

Hang eucalyptus in your shower Steam will release beneficial oils Benefits of eucalyptus: *antiseptic *anti-stress *mental clarity *mood enhancer *anti-inflammatory *respiratory health Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Holistic Remedies, Holistic Healing, Health Remedies, Holistic Care, Holistic Medicine, Homeopathic Remedies, Healing Herbs

Eucalyptus in the shower

There’s been a nasty cold bug that has been spreading and many friends we know have been bitten by it. We were looking through the latest issue of Body+Soul magazine and came across this natural aromatherapy tip that could provide some relief: putting eucalyptus in the shower… The tip says: “Try hanging a bundle of eucalyptus (sold at craft stores and flower shops) fro your shower curtain rod.

to Clean and Maintain a Smelly Front Loading Washing Machine How to clean your front loading washing machine using non-toxic methods.How to clean your front loading washing machine using non-toxic methods. Deep Cleaning Tips, House Cleaning Tips, Cleaning Solutions, Spring Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Cleaning Products, Homemade Toilet Cleaner, Clean Washing Machine, Washing Machines

How to Clean and Maintain a Smelly Front Loading Washing Machine

How to clean and maintain a smelly front loading washing machine so your clothes smell fresh and leaves the washing machine mold free.