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Creative Web Designs for Inspiration

Unique collection of the BEST Creative Web Designs for inspiration. All modern trends of web design 2017 are included in showcase.

Great post by Aaron Walter about how they share all their research data across the various teams at MailChimp.

These are sample MailChimp customer personas. They use real people posters with descriptive adjectives displayed in the background.

With the help of @Laszlito Kovacs we made posters to keep focus on the people that use WeTransfer. We based these personas on actual interviews with people that deal with sending large files.

Persona posters for WeTransfer. Quite a minimal amount of information, just pulling out the core themes.

Some infographic posters I made for a UX project.

Persona Posters

Clean, well laid out persona example.  Simple color scheme and not too cluttered.

Persona Posters