Albeiro Gurruchaga

Albeiro Gurruchaga

Albeiro Gurruchaga
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siluetas de los principales modelos de guittarras eléctricas #Guitar

NAME AND DESIGN OWN GUITAR Guitar Shapes - good idea for connecting music/art activity (please don't do in music class - let the art teacher instruct it)

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you!" - B.B. King

King with Lucille.listen to the classic "BB King Live at the Apollo" album from the and hear the rapturous 'oohs,ahhs' & 'yeahs' from the audience members as he makes "Lucille" sing for them.oh myyy

Ok, so these are finger picks, but they're so cool looking, I'd wear them as rings.

Fingerstyle Guitar Butterfly Finger Picks And Thumb Pick Picks) in Musical Instruments & Gear, Guitars & Basses, Parts & Accessories